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More than three decades ago, a dream was born...
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A dream begins to shape inside a visionary mind...

Our founder, Manuel Carbajo decided to give up a successful professional career to establish Rimsa -an acronym for Industrial Recovery of Metals-, a 100% Spanish company with mainly family capital.

Back then our purpose was to be suppliers to stamping companies, supplying brass rods and cut-to-size parts.

Our staff consisted of four people, including our founder, who by the way did not receive any income for his work during the first six months of operation.

Our business lines are born: friction and construction

Soon rimsa would honour its name, making the valuation of its by-products the main engine of its growth. In this way, the by-product obtained from the bar processing became a value-added additive for the friction industry.

Likewise, the by-product obtained from the steel wool manufacturing process became a value-added by-product for the reinforcement of pavements, capable of replacing the welded mesh and making the application of the concrete reinforcement more sustainable and economic.

Launching to the international market

A decade after our foundation, we took a very important leap by opening ourselves to the European market, visiting potential clients in the friction market, specifically in Portugal, Morocco, Germany and France.

Understanding the magnitude of the global market

We open our market even more than before. The incorporation of the second generation in the family business drives the leap across the Atlantic. Our founder and his son -current CFO and Comercial director of rimsa- attended one of the most important friction fairs in the United States, SAE BRAKE, which was held in San Francisco, CA.

A successful tour that led us to designate a delegate in the United States to cover the North American market and to expand our sales team in our office in Spain, in order to begin our immersion in the Latin American market.

Predicting the future of the industry

After years of research aiming to always create solutions that allow a better quality of life for everyone, everywhere, we launched ecoBronce and ecoChip, lead-free chips and fibres.

The first step of many to innovative industrial solutions for a sustainable future.

Leaning on technology

Thanks to our constant research, always supported by cutting edge technology and experimental tests, we launched our first r wave 50 steel fibre reinforced industrial flooring calculation software. This allowed us to drive our growth, offering our clients better-optimized solutions in costs and security terms.

Building beyond Spain

It was a great year for the international expansion of our construction business line. We started sales of steel fibres in our neighbouring country, Portugal, and months later in Morocco.

Expanding our spectrum

Aiming to consolidate our international expansion, we acquired the goodwill and machinery of PBW, an English company which until then was one of our major competitors in the friction market.

Besides, this year we built a new laboratory to increase and improve our innovation capacity a core value for our company.

Innovation as the core of our company

As a result of our advances in research and innovation, we consolidated a new R&D department and started the first project with public financing for the development of a copper-free alloy, ecoMet, capable of replacing copper in friction applications

Asia: the next frontier

The automotive market boom in Asia was unstoppable during the second decade of the 21st century. Thus, one of our greater goals accomplished was to open up to the Asian market, which was possible after attending -for the first time as exhibitors to the China Friction & Sealing Material Association.

To respond to the Asian market needs, we incorporated into our team our first sales advisor based in Beijing.

Strengthening the construction industry

Always looking for new solutions, we ventured into new applications expanding our construction line products catalogue with better performance steel fibres and better-optimized geometries.

Diversifying the market through comprehensive solutions

During this year, we achieved a great impetus towards diversification, adding a wide range of abrasives to our friction catalogue.

Likewise, in our construction line, we improved our capabilities for applications that require a high dosage of fibres, with the addition of a new reference to our catalogue, the r glued 60/0,75, a glued fibre with shaped ends, that is applied in pavements with demanding technical requirements.

It was an important year for us, we also developed a more efficient software for steel fibres dosage calculations, in which we include all of our references, thus guaranteeing better quality for both fibres and its possible applications.

Adding value to the industry

After two years of research, we started manufacturing synthetic metal sulphides with our own technology. A high added value additives for the friction industry, especially for copper-free formulations. Definitely a big step for us, but a greater contribution to the industry.

In addition, our r glued 60/0,75 was used to reinforce the concrete in the construction of two of the most important ports in Europe: Algeciras and Barcelona.

Constant innovation: the key to success

Always working to create innovative products, we expanded and improved our R&D and Quality departments facilities building a new laboratory with new characterization equipment. Also, we started our first industrial PhD within the company.

Besides, we continue to improve our calculation software by developing a new version which performs calculations for slabs without retraction joints made with CRC (Compensated Retraction Concrete).

Likewise, our reference r hook 20/0,75 begins to be used for maintenance and consolidation of slopes and tunnels in several state constructions all over Spain. Also, our references r glued 60/0,75 and r hook 50/0,80 were used in pavements of important logistics operator works, and our reference r hook 35/0,75 in the prefabrication of urban furniture.

Gathering the fruits of a great harvest

We participated in several Spanish main ports constructions, including the ports of Barcelona, Malaga, Huelva and San Sebastián. In which their pavements were reinforced with our r glued 60/0,75. Also, we reinforced the pavements of important supermarkets chains such as Mercadona, Aldi, Gros Mercat and Lidl, among others.

Also, we incorporated a new reference: r glued 35/0,55, an ideal fibre for tunnels construction reinforcement by shotcrete, the most used technique in the world for this application.

As for our friction line, during this year, we closed one of the most important partnerships for rimsa with TAM Ceramics, a leading manufacturer of innovative products based in the USA. In addition, we presented our research results at the most prestigious Congress in the sector, Eurobrake, establishing ourselves as one of the most innovative and expert companies in the world.

New era, new challenges

We are very proud of these 35-years in which we have worked hard to develop innovative solutions, contributing to the development of industry and society.

This year, we have started our second industrial PhD and have increased our testing capacity of our friction customers' applications. And last but not least, we have been consolidating new strategic alliances to offer more and better solutions to our customers.

It has been 35 enriching years

To conclude, the dream has been fulfilled, but at the same time, new challenges arise and we are sure of having the ability to continue delivering reliable, innovative and sustainable solutions for different industrial markets. Always being consistent with our values: integrity, inclusion and diversity and innovation.

We have powerful human talent dedicated to research, development and innovation to create solutions that promote a better future for everyone, everywhere.